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Five Reasons Why CrossFit Works!


Five Reasons Why CrossFit Works!

 1. We Look DAMN Good,but more importantly,we are strong as shit!

The difference between conventional forms of fitness and CrossFit is that in the former you ‘look’ strong, fit, and lean….if you were lucky enough to have the right genetics.  For the later you ARE strong, fit and lean.  You have seen “them”.  The people who go to a gym 5 days a week, follow their routine and still don’t look any different year after year.   Better yet the person who “thinks” they are in shape and then comes in for a workout.  The look on their faces afterwards is priceless!   Hell, some of these people look great, but the strength was simply not there.  CrossFit enables people to get that strength, along with the other nine principles we adhere to, and still manage to look and feel great…..probably even better.  🙂

2. Paleo & Zone-A Healthy Combination

Many alternative forms of conventional fitness are accompanied by a “diet” program to help you shed the pounds.  As CrossFitters we learn that our bodies run better when we view our food as fuel (which it is).  When we fuel our bodies appropriately we see awesome results.  We not only look better, but we also perform better in the gym as well as the rest of our lives.   From my own experience, I have noticed that cutting out all the grains, starches, and refined sugars has helped increase my performance across the board.  Eating clean is the key to success, so if you want those PRs, get cracking on eating clean!  It Works.

3. It’s Not Only for the Young and Vivacious!

There is a wide age range that CrossFit appeals to, which I believe is a great advantage to this type of training program.  Plus it is equally as beneficial for men as it is for women.  Since everything is scalable there is no room for feeling any sort of discouragement.  What one person can do at 135 pounds, another can do at 45.  It’s that simple.  There is something exciting about having everyone in a class doing the same workout that the biggest and strongest guy/girl is doing, even though they may not be at the same strength level (yet).  They know that if they continue working hard they will get to that point.  Old or young, male or female, CrossFit is for you!

4. Confidence: Wear it Like it’s Going Out of Style.

I’m not the first to say just how much my lifestyle has changed since I began training.  Nobody likes to feel crappy about themselves, it’s not fun!  Anyone who is a CrossFitter can agree when I say that when you get that awesome PR on a clean, a squat, or one of the benchmarks like Fran, you walk into rooms feeling MUCH taller than you really are.  I’ve gone into the gym after having a bad day and left feeling like I had the best day ever.  Nothing can compare that feeling; and it carries throughout every other aspect of your life – at work, at home, at school, and with relationships.

5. Community is the Key to Success.

After having the chance to visit a number of different affiliates, I notice one thing in common.  One of the most important components of a gym:  a sense of community.  Time and time again people are experiencing being pushed through workouts by strangers.  There is an instant bond made through watching each other work through the pain.  When we see a fellow CrossFitter pushing through a workout, we feel that pain he is going through, and we know that the extra push from someone makes all the difference and gets us those PRs we want.  We feel proud of each other and share enthusiasm, which is very unique and special.  There’s nothing like looking up on that whiteboard and seeing your pal reach that number one spot he has worked his butt off for.  Not once in my own experiences have I not been able to walk into a CrossFit gym and feel like I am walking into my own.   You can’t get that anywhere else.

(Source: Adapted by an article written by Melissa Cvjeticanin and CrossFit Oakland County)