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Enough With the B.S.


Enough With the B.S.

Thanks to a longtime CrossFit enthusiast and Modig member, Heather Lorenz, on sharing the following post on Facebook. It was too good not to share on our website…Happy Mondy.



Enough With the Bullshitting

OK, I’ll put you on notice right now. You do have time to work out. For all of you out there that do workout  – and by that I mean extended and vigorous physical exercise several times a week- regardless if it’s CrossFit or something else – I apologize, but I’m tired of hearing people, say that they “…are just too busy, I don’t have time to spare to work out!” This is usually accompanied with a long drawn-out breath an eye roll and a guilty smile. Apparently this is supposed to prevent one from thinking: You are full of shit. It’s an invitation to join with them in the delusion that these decisions don’t have consequences.

I heard this excuse the other day, something inside my head went, click and it came out; “That’s bullshit,” I said. “It’s a choice you’re making. You decided that something other than your health was more important.” That person doesn’t talk to me anymore.

And before you say it, yes, I did attempt to explain it in milder, gentler terms; this decision is an important life-effecting choice. You have to find time, the desire to change must come from within, not imposed from outside, I did the whole namaste thing on their ass.

But let’s be honest, it’s just pure bullshit. Would you drive around in your car with the check engine light on for months? Do you take a 6 week hiatus from brushing your teeth because it’s “The Holidays” and you’re so “stressed out”? Well maybe you do. I hope you don’t. The thing is, it will catch up to you. Do you have time in your busy life to get sick? How about a debilitating illness? Diabetes perhaps? Heart disease? Not living to see your kids grow up?

Busy at work? Based on personal experience with the dying, and this report, those people on their death beds never say “”Gee, I wish I had spent more time at the office.” Did you watch TV last night? How long?  Thirty minutes? Sixty? Was that episode of How I Met Your Mother worth a chance to improve your health? You had time. Did you text with friends for 15 or 20 minutes several times today? You had time. Hell, you could have invited them over for a workout together and like, talked to each other face to face. Wow. Gaming? The Internet? Please, God make me stop before I launch into a real rant.

Guess what? If you don’t make time for fitness and healthy living, a lack or fitness, injury, sickness or disease will force an outcome upon you not to your liking or perhaps not one that you survive. The good thing is, this is mainly a choice within your conscious control. Your genetics (good and bad) are your potential, not a definite outcome.

This aforementioned  individual got defensive and said I had a “superiority complex” and that I thought I was better than they were. Issues of human value aside  I said, that by empirical standards, I was superior; I’m stronger, more flexible, more powerful, I have a higher vertical jump. my VO2 max is definitely better (this person smokes) I’m more resilient to injury, I have a stronger immune system, more lean muscle mass and lower body fat. My blood pressure is lower than it was in my late 20′s and I sleep like a baby. Statistically my chances of needing long-term or emergency medical care are substantially lower, which impacts costs to everyone. My insurance premium costs are lower too. After that, this person couldn’t think of anything to counter my slightly ticked-off logic with, they called me a name I won’t mention here and walked away.

Full disclosure here. This is a hot button issue for me. My dad died a needless early death at age 70 from Type II diabetes-related causes because he choose not to take care of himself. It required him to modify his diet, lose weight and exercise so he could stick around to love his wife, travel, tell his great stories and watch his grandkids grow up. In not doing so he managed to die in the early morning hours of my 36th birthday. See, decisions do have consequences.

I don’t hold any illusions about getting everyone to workout, eat right, live healthier, I know the truth is this shit is hard. It requires real effort. Discipline, commitment and drive. Most people are not willing to do it; there are too many cop-outs available, too many ways to slack off. But it doesn’t mean that you dear reader, have to be one of them.

So enough with the bullshit excuses: Sickness, injury, diminished lifespan –  or vigorous health, fitness and longevity?

It’s your choice. I’m on my way into the gym to train people who want to live. Meet me there today.

You have the time.


Coach Tim

Tim Fleck is the owner and coach at CrossFit St. Cloud.

He’s usually not this uptight.

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