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What Our Gym Offers

Our Programs Will Fit Any Need

Our memberships are fully customizable to your goals.

Our programs are designed to appropriately challenge you for your level of fitness, while ensuring safety and efficiency. Whether you’re a beginner or a lifelong athlete, our programs are extremely flexible and our coaches are skilled in making sure everyone gets exactly what they need.


Strength & Conditioning

Modig Fitness incorporates strength and conditioning among constantly varied workouts that provide superior results in all facets of fitness.

When you combine weightlifting, gymnastics, and endurance activities like biking, running, and rowing in varied levels of time and intensity, it creates unmatched results! We apply everything from the most basic air squat to the most technical Olympic lifts and make them applicable to anyone at any fitness level. You get the best workout every time and every workout is different- you never get bored!!




No Heavy Barbells Here! Using primarily dumbbells, kettlebells, cardio, and bodyweight movements, Unloaded workouts are 30-40 minute cardio and core based workouts. These workouts don’t require any Strength & Conditioning experience, but do require hard work! Unloaded is a great way to keep your workouts constantly varied.



Personal Coaching

Do you love small group workouts but want to supplement with one-on-one coaching? When it comes to fitness, we’re all a little different. Depending on experience, goals, physical make-up, past experiences, fitness level, likes and dislikes, your coach can create a plan specific to your needs. With a program tailored for you, the likelihood of success and results are dramatically increased. 



Paleo, Whole30, Counting Macros, Keto, Vegan…in this day and age with all of the diets and buzzwords, it is difficult to decide what nutritional path is right for you. Since we are all biologically unique, we believe that is how nutrition should be approached. Annie Williams, Modig Fitness’ in-house certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, has been trained to look at each person’s individual needs using an approach that is backed by science. Whether your goal is weight loss, better sleep, performance, or any other nutritional concern, she will work with you and your goals to create an individualized nutritional plan.


Restore and Recover

Rest and recovery are integral to achieving your goals and sustaining a long term, healthy lifestyle. We offer all our members multiple hours of open gym time to incorporate extra mobility, flexibility, and stability compliments to training.

What Is Your Goal?

Weight Loss & Toning

Our classes are designed to help you reach whatever aesthetic, performance, or health related goals you may have. If you’re interested in weight loss and toning, you’ll love our SWEAT! and Strength & Conditioning classes. Combine either SWEAT! or Strength & Conditioning with the option to work with our in house nutrition coach and you’ll learn to fuel your body for your day-to-day demands while challenging your body in a safe way under the guidance of our certified (experienced) coaches. Our quarterly 6-week challenges are a great way kick start your weight loss in safe supportive group environment.

Strength and Muscle Gain / Athletic Performance

Look no further than our Strength & Conditioning, Olympic lifting, and Power Lifting classes. These will challenge you and help you become a stronger athlete both mentally and physically. We also offer open gym to allow you time to work on your own primary, accessory or sport specific programming.

Health and Longevity / Look Good, Feel Good

If health and longevity and just over all looking and feeling good are your top priorities, we’ve got you! We encourage you to try all of our offerings; Strength & Conditioning, SWEAT!, Olympic lifting, Power lifting, Personal Training, Yoga, and Open Gym to find the format that you enjoy the most. Our staff of experienced coaches are happy to work with you to help develop a workout schedule that will help you thrive to look and feel your best both in and out of the gym.

Masters Fitness

Training intelligently will help you avoid injuries and continue to progress and enjoy your fitness for years to come. If you are a masters athlete, you’re in good hands with us. Our staff is always happy to help you find options to scale movements up and down based on ability limitations. We’ll make sure you always get a safe and fun workout, regardless of where you are starting.

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