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Attention Desk Workers, Computer Users and Texters…


Attention Desk Workers, Computer Users and Texters…

In today’s high technology, fast paced world, it would be an exercise in futility to avoid the use of computers, tablets, smart phones and any other mobile device known to man. And this won’t be the first time someone has told you that one of the negative aspects of our technology use is what it has done to our posture and alignment. But rather than harp on you for that, here are some ways to fix the issues we encounter as a result.


Situation #1
• The over emphasis on things in front of you. This position is common in the people that tend to work at desks or on computers all day. It is characterized by a forward head tilt (ears in front of where shoulders should be (Over ankles)), Shoulders pointing forward, Upper back rounded, Lower back rounded.

is generally an issue with tightness and weakness of supporting and antagonistic muscles. For example, one muscle will be tight and the antagonist (the one that counteracts the tight muscle) will be weak. As a result the best plan of attack is stretching and strengthening.

Situation #2

• The disengaged midsection. These people tend to have a belly that sticks out, not because its big but because there is no control. They also have a butt that sticks out the other way (Backwards) and a lumbar curve bigger than your vertebrae should be able to move.

Is usually is more of an issue with core strength and general body control. The midsection or core is considered the area between your knees and nipples and if its weak you are only supported by bone which if left alone can cause some pretty bad alignment issues.

Stretching is a funny thing since it takes long periods of putting muscles on stretch to actually change the muscle tissue length. As a result, in order to make a huge difference in your posture you need to stretch the right muscles and you need to stretch them frequently. Many bouts of 1-2 minutes a day is much better than one 30 min stretching session. So, don’t be afraid to get up from your desk and move around and stretch on a regular basis maybe even once an hour. I’m relatively sure your boss won’t whip you. If he does, then beat him down since that is why you train right?

When we look at strength in this context we want to address it a bit differently. Since we are looking at supporting musculature here it is usually better and easier to strengthen it using a higher rep, lower weight routine. The support muscles in this case don’t always to the heavy lifting and its hard to activate them if the weight is too heavy. Bands are valuable here as well as light dumbbells and body weight movements.

(Source: Black Box Ft. Worth)