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*Reminder – Modig Fitness Paleo Challenge – Sign Up*


*Reminder – Modig Fitness Paleo Challenge – Sign Up*

Happy (almost) new year to everyone at Modig Fitness and to those of you that might be interested in coming to check out the box. This is a reminder to everyone interested that we will be kicking off 2012 with a bang and having a 30 day Eat Clean Challenge. Details of the challenge were posted in our blog on December 16th – check it out by clicking below.

There will be a sign-up posted so we can get an idea of how many nutritional guides to have ready to go. Additionally, and this is something we would like to do for all members, but especially for those in the challenge…we will be capturing polaroid pictures of all the CrossFitters at Modig. This will be a fun way to see your progress, but also for us to recognize the great people and culture of Modig Fitness. These are only polaroids, people, so need to get all glammed up. Welcome back and looking forward to a great challenge.

-Modig Fitness