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* Recipe Alert! Modern Caveman Breakfast Sandwich *


* Recipe Alert! Modern Caveman Breakfast Sandwich *

Congratulations to everyone that signed up for Modig Fitness’s “30 Day Eat Clean Challenge!” Whether or not you decided to join the challenge, there are so many great recipes these days for everyone to enjoy. Below is a very easy, but altogether delicious, take on an old classic. The breakfast sandwich. Thanks to the The Grainless Gourmet ( for the following perspective and recipe.

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We humans are the only animal species that thinks we must eat “breakfast food” for breakfast. Bacon, eggs, cereal, pastries, pancakes, waffles, donuts, breakfast bars and so on. Do you see a pattern here? Other than the bacon and eggs they are all grain based processed foods and we have been duped into thinking that this is convenient and healthy by the food industry. Convenient? Yes, but certainly not in your best interest from a health perspective. I would also guess that the food industry makes considerably more profit from the processed foods than from bacon, eggs or any other fresh ingredients. So instead of that fast food drive through muffin thing or the corner donut shop, take a little time and make your own “breakfast sandwich” caveman style.


⅓ Pound Grass Fed Burger Patty

2 Strips Bacon Cooked and cut in Half

1 Large Pastured Egg

Organic Avocado Slices

Organic Tomato Slices

Parmisiano Reggiano Cheese

Organic Ghee


Broil or grill the burger to your liking. I used a buffalo burger seasoned with salt, peper and paprika. You could also use beef, lamb, chicken or pork. I prefer my egg sunny side up but not runny. To accomplish this I fry the egg in ghee over medium heat and add a tablespoon of water to the pan and cover. This steam cooks the egg without having to turn it. I Assemble the burger on a plate using the parmisiano reggiano cheese to stick the layers together. Otherwise the whole thing tends to slide apart as you try and eat it. Enjoy!