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CrossFit, Cleaning Eating & Corey: Your Best Bet for Improved Health and Wellness


CrossFit, Cleaning Eating & Corey: Your Best Bet for Improved Health and Wellness

CrossFit is more than just an exercise program. It is an overall approach and philosophy to health and nutrition – food, sleep, stress, exercise, etc. At Modig Fitness we hope everyone is familiar with our coaching abilities, but not sure if you are aware of our onsite nutrition counseling.

If you’ve taken a step inside Modig Fitness, likely you’ve seen the tiny, but mighty, Corey Townsend. In addition to 1:1 personal training and coaching a number of Modig’s weekly WOD’s, Corey offers nutritional counseling for members and non-members. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, as many of us have had to begrudgingly learn. You’ve heard the saying that “abs are made in the kitchen?” Well, its true. With an onsite nutritional consultant, Modig hopes it can meet the needs of its members, including both exercise and nutrition. Since we recently began our Healthy Habits Challenge, in which we aim to help develop long-term healthy nutritional habits, we thought it apropos to ask our local expert a few questions in case you need a little more guidance.

What questions do you ask in the initial consultation?

The initial consultation is to see first and foremost how I can help. People come to me with a variety of needs and I don’t assume I know their needs without asking. It consists of quite a bit of background information. That can include things like ‘what their current nutrition consists of, sleep quality, exercise/activity, stress/stress management, and digestion.’ All these areas have a significant impact on how I will guide my clients and, as well, what they can expect if some of those things (sleep, stress, etc.) don’t change.

How do you adapt plans for your clients?

Whenever I meet with someone about nutrition counseling my first question is ‘what are your goals?’ Based on their response, I facilitate a platform to help them reach those goals week by week. Sometimes I will have them use apps on their phone to track food, or keep notes. Regardless of whom I work with, balance is key for sustainability, and sustainability is the most practical approach and the way I will lead my clients.

What are the top three things that can help clients reach their goals?

The three things that I would say are key for success are:

1. Accountability. I require most people to meet with me weekly whom I work with solely on nutrition. This is where I can help people to not get off track simply because things are going great and then all of a sudden old habits return.

2. Life. You can’t quit going to social outings or avoid places simply because you are starting a new plan to eat healthy. This is where I help give you guidance on how to handle these situations.

3. Commitment. This means that you need to relinquish what you were doing before. Letting go of the things that you have heard or the fads that you used in the 80s. You can’t piecemeal together a nutrition plan for yourself using bits and pieces of diet trends.

Client Testimonials

Here is what a few of Corey’s clients had to say about working with her. Click on their names to read the full testimonials!

Corey knows her stuff. Her nutritional stuff! I have Celiac, which means I can only eat about 9 things without my stomach hurting 🙁 Corey helped me sort out my nutrition, find the right supplements, the right kind of foods to lessen my stomach pain, and taught me about the best probiotics for me. 

Leigh H.

The last nine months have been beyond amazing. I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Along with that, though, came the desire to address the baby weight.  I trusted Corey to help me with the nutrition aspect of getting my body back! She gave me accountability, respect, guidance, trust, and encouragement… I am in tune with my body, and can honestly say that I am the healthiest I’ve ever been. Losing the baby weight was my initial goal, but I underestimated all of the other emotional and physical benefits that I’d gain! 

Laurie H.

After years of yo-yo dieting and at age 62, my body finally said, “ENOUGH”.  I was feeling tired, bloated, and frustrated and knew I needed to make some significant lifestyle changes. I called Modig Fitness and spoke with David, the owner, and he immediately put me in touch with Corey, the Personal Trainer, and as they say, the rest is history…Corey encourages me and gives me the tools I need to continue on my journey of health and wellness. While I’ve lost pounds, inches, and “bad” habits, I’ve gained a better understanding of myself, my capabilities in the gym, and a much healthier relationship with the food I need to fuel it all.

Cindy B.