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Modig Fitness Nutrition Testimonial – Cindy


Modig Fitness Nutrition Testimonial – Cindy

After years of yo-yo dieting and at age 62, my body finally said, “ENOUGH”.  I was feeling tired, bloated, and frustrated and knew I needed to make some significant lifestyle changes. I called Modig Fitness and spoke with David, the owner, and he immediately put me in touch with Corey, the Personal Trainer, and as they say, the rest is history.


My very first meeting with Corey began with a discussion of MY personal goals – not her goals FOR me, but MY goals for me. I’d been thinking about multiple areas of diet and fitness I knew I wanted to improve on but I was kind of all over the place – Corey helped me get focused and on track.

Goal # 1 – Improve my eating. I thought I ate healthy but when I started to journal my daily food intake, I was surprised at the amount of hidden sugars, sodium, and fat I was consuming. Corey encouraged me to make changes in my diet and eat whole, good food.   I made the changes she suggested, and it didn’t take long before I started to see significant improvements in how I felt AND how I looked. Bloated feeling had disappeared and my clothes weren’t fitting quite as tight.

Goal # 2 – Improve my strength. I have several issues going on with my low back and had started to avoid the gym- I felt what I was doing was hurting more than helping. I started working out with Corey twice a week for 30 minutes and can honestly say I no longer avoid the gym – in fact, I look forward to our training sessions. Corey has put together workouts for me that have not only improved my strength, but also improved my flexibility which in turn has also helped my low back issues.

Goal # 3 – Improve my energy level and mental attitude.   With Corey, my workouts are a reminder of what I can do in the gym – not a reminder of what my limitations may be. Since consistently training with Corey, I’ve noticed I’m more alert, have more energy, have better sleep habits, my mood has improved and my energy level has increased.

Corey encourages me and gives me the tools I need to continue on my journey of health and wellness. While I’ve lost pounds, inches, and “bad” habits, I’ve gained a better understanding of myself, my capabilities in the gym, and a much healthier relationship with the food I need to fuel it all.

Cindy B.