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You’ve Gotta Walk Before You Can Run


You’ve Gotta Walk Before You Can Run

You’ve gotta walk before you can run.

CrossFit is all about intensity right?  No, I’m not talking about the yelling, screaming, dumping weights from overhead, chalking your face, tearing your shirt off and pound on your chest sort of intensity.  I’m talking about measurable intensity – also known as power output.  The more intensity we’re able to pour into a WOD, the more we’ll adapt and benefit from it. But….

Yes, there’s a but.  Two things must be in place before introducing the concept of intensity – sound mechanics and consistency of those mechanics.  We drill this into every athlete’s head as they finish their foundations, but once you get sucked into the vortex of a group WOD, sometimes logic and common sense go out the window. Unfortunately, that’s how people get hurt.

By taking the time to learn, practice, and perfect your mechanics on each movement, you’re setting yourself up for success.  By being able to complete mechanically sound movement consistently well, time and time again – you’ve opened yourself up to the world of intensity.  What is your achilles heel?  Are you ready to work on it until it becomes a strength rather than a weakness?

(Source: CrossFit Verve)