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CrossFit Firsts…


CrossFit Firsts…

If CrossFit is anything, it is at least a time when people are constantly working on something new.  Maybe its a new front squat max. Or getting those damn double unders.  Better yet, the muscle up! ARGH!  And I would bet it isn’t one thing. You can probably reflect on your time doing CrossFit and think of a number of “firsts.” Share them with us.

As a coach we have the opportunity to experience many of them with you, but your fellow CrossFitters don’t always have that chance.

So in line with sharing some firsts, here is Modig’s own Billie Hartgrove getting her first muscle up…and hell yeah we caught it on video! Nice job Billie!


[youtube id=’q6D2f4IDWBc’ width=’600′ height=’400′ /]