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Stretching Before You Squat


Stretching Before You Squat

Aside from 3 – 2 – 1 – Go!, one of the more common things heard at Modig Fitness is mobility. Not a single day should go by without time spent, before and after the workout,  mobilizing. We can hardly expect to push ourselves to physical and mental limits without taking care of our body. And even if your CrossFit experience doesn’t include falling to the floor in a sweaty exhausted mess after the workout, for everyone it should include significant stretching and warming up time.  We have posters up on the walls at Modig to help guide you, based on that day’s skill work or WOD, as to what stretches will be most beneficial. Since a lot of our skill work includes a full squat, whether it be the intense front squat/back squat sequence, the squat snatch or a squat clean, hip mobility is extremely important.  As a refresher for everyone, please take a look at one of Kelly Starrett’s MobilityWOD youtube videos below on a few of the basic stretches that will benefit everyone pre/post skill work and WOD.


Look forward to seeing everyone at the gym this week!

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