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*News! Coming Soon – Modig Fitness Paleo Challenge 2012 – Click Here*


*News! Coming Soon – Modig Fitness Paleo Challenge 2012 – Click Here*

Coming soon –  Modig Fitness’s first official “30 Day Eat Clean Paleo Challenge.” In a nutshell (which you’ll be being eating lots of), the challenge will begin on Tuesday January 3rd and end on Thursday Februay 2nd. Just in time for Super Bowl weekend! For now this will  be focused on your food and beverage consumption for the next 30 days.  For all our new members or for those of you that have not delved into the world of “eating paleo,” this is not only a great chance to learn the benefits of this nutritional lifestyle, but an excellent way to lose those holidays pounds. More than likely you will also see an improvement in your WOD’s. We’re starting on a Tuesday to allow people to come back from the holiday weekend and ask as many questions as you want on Monday the 2nd. I’ve also included a few links below that are really informative.

Contest Guidelines:

$20 Buy In – one Male and one Female Winner

Weight, Body Fat and Waist Circumference measurements taken on January 3rd and on February 2nd

Overall winner in each category will be based on best overall % change in numbers

Each contestant will be given a tracking binder that includes guidelines and a food log


You must track all your food and beverage consumption for 30 days

You must get weighed and measured.

In order to win, you must eat clean for 30 days

Eat Clean:

No Sugar (natural, artificial, agave, honey, diet, organic, farm fresh, etc. etc. etc. – they are all sugar!)

No Dairy (low fat, skim, hearty healthy, yogurt, probiotic, etc. etc – its all dairy!)

No Grains – (rice, corn, wheat, rye, barley, oats, sprouted, organic, whole grain, etc. etc. etc – they are all grains!)

No Beans/Legumes (this includes peanuts!)

No Alcohol (you can do this people!)

So what the hell are you supposed to eat?? A lot of awesome food.

Visit these sites for quick starts and ideas:

This is not that hard and it is really helpful to start the process of better fueling your body for everyday life. If you haven’t seen our recent blog post on the incredible impact the “hunter/gatherer” diet had on one woman with severe MS, I encourage you to watch the video. It’s incredible. If you are unsure if you can do this, there are many people at the gym that can share their experience. Talk to them and hear their stories and suggestions.

As always, I am available to answer any questions you have. Good luck and I hope to see a great turnout for this challenge. Who will the winners be?