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CrossFitters Are Crazy!!


CrossFitters Are Crazy!!

Apparently the word on the street is that Crossfitters are crazy and you can get hurt doing Crossfit. The answer is maybe a little and there is risk in any endeavor. Let me explain a couple of things and hopefully I can help you to understand what Crossfit is about, not the stigma that seems to be attatched to it.

Crossfitters are not crazy. They are hard working, dedicated and like to live on the edge a little. They are everyday people. Mothers and kids, doctors and dentists, police officers and nurses. They are you and they are people that have realized what the “fitness” industry has evolved to and decided that they want something more. The watered down non-results driven industry breeds stagnation. Stagnation breeds disease. If you look around the “cardio” room, you see the same people reading the same magazines getting the same resuts. What we have learned and seen time and time again is that fitness is not a single exercise, it is not a magic little pill. It is not only cardio vascular health, it is strong muscles, it is speed, power, coordination, flexibility, balance, stamina, agility and accuracy. It is your body working as a whole. When you only work one of these you become very good at that one thing, leaving the rest to become less than adequate.

I spend hours on programming for my members, my athletes. I want to see them get stronger and healthier. We talk about diet and what is good for you, and what is bad. We lift weights but we are not body builders. Strong muscle burns fat and builds bone. We run, jump, play. We move as our bodies are intended to move. You will be strong, you will be lean, you will be healthy. If wanting that makes us crazy, I guess I’ll take it.

Yes, you can get hurt. We are made of soft tissue and bone and sometimes we get hurt. You can walk out your front door and trip on a crack in the sidewalk and get hurt. Life is full of danger if you are out living it. I am here to help teach you the skills to be more nimble on your feet and be able to better avoid the dangers of life. If you are home sitting on the sofa I suppose you are pretty safe though except for that heart attack creeping up on you.

We do our best to keep you safe. Everyone starts with basic training. You are taught the skills needed to become a Crossfitter. You are taught how to do it safely and effectively. I am not out to hurt anyone, quite the opposite. I am trying to help you to become the best you. Physically and mentally.

Life is hard. I give you the skills necessary to live life to it’s fullest. I don’t think that’s so crazy.

(Source: CrossFit Nation – Easton, Maryland)