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Modig Fitness Nutritional Challenge


Modig Fitness Nutritional Challenge

Hello CrossFitters! It’s that time again when we set up a nutritional challenge designed to open your eyes about the amazing benefits of clean eating. We’ve added an additional component this time with pre and post challenge blood work. We want you to not only see and feel the benefits in your body composition and fitness ability, but also the impact it has on cholesterol levels, etc. Details about the challenge were sent via email, but here they are again! Good luck!

Here is a quick run down of how this one is going to work:

-The dates are August 9th–September 7th. Yes, this will cross a holiday but by that time you will be 25ish days through the challenge and should have no problem hanging tough.

-Blood work will be required. You can have this done at the gym on Saturday, August 4th (pre-challenge) and Saturday, September 8th. You have your choice of a cholesterol panel or a metabolic panel. If you have questions about which you should get, please see me ASAP. The blood tests cost $30 each test. You will need a test before and after the challenge. If you can get it done cheaper through your doctor please don’t hesitate to go that direction.

-There is a sign up sheet on the blackboard. Please get on that sheet tomorrow and tell us if you will be having blood work done at the gym or by your doctor. A 12 hour fast (no food but all the water you can handle) pre blood test will be required.

-We will take weight and inches measurements as well.

-You will be required to track everything you eat and drink. Buy a notebook (the idea being you don’t stop at 30 days and continue tracking) or go to for a complete daily tracker.

-There is no buy-in as the blood work is an expense we don’t always have for these challenges. However, cheat meals/snacks/beverages/melt downs will cost you $20 each. Cheat money will go toward challenges prizes and the new equipment fund if there are that many cheats.

If you do not already have the Nutritional packet either from on-ramp or our last challenge, please see me right away.

Please let us know if you have any questions.