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Modig Fitness Member Profile – Mark Nickless


Modig Fitness Member Profile – Mark Nickless

How often have you told someone, when trying to describe CrossFit, that it is the first time you’ve actually looked forward to working out? It’s not uncommon. Perhaps it’s because the workouts are constantly varied, so you rarely do the same thing more than once? Or it could be because it actually gets you in shape, which is pretty dang motivating. Or it could be because you’ve met many people you enjoy spending an hour a day sweating, motivating and cheering with? Or perhaps it’s because you’ve begun to eat better, maybe different than you ever had, and are feeling better from the inside out? Well, whatever the reason, we are glad you’re here. And we are really glad to have many new faces at Modig Fitness. One such person is Mark Nickless. Enjoy learning a bit more about Mark in our June Modig Fitness Member Profile!


  1. Where did you grow up? Denver, in the Parkhill neighborhood.  Third generation Denverite.
  2. How long have you been Cross-Fitting? About 4 months
  3. What is your favorite WOD? Anything with Double Unders (since I can’t do them!)
  4. What’s your favorite lift? Back squat
  5. What’s your least favorite CF move? Burpees, but as my 10 year old tells me, “Don’t complain dad, just get better at them and then you will like them better.”  Kind of like what I say to him about math…
  6. What do you think is the biggest myth about CrossFit?Injuries for sure.  With the proper technique and coaches always ready to help me with my form, it has never been an issue for me.
  7. What’s your favorite non-CrossFit activity? Golf or riding my bike
  8. What’s your nickname? A buddy in high school once called me “chief” and that kind of stuck for some reason.
  9. What do you do for a living? I am a real estate developer
  10. What’s something about you that people don’t know? I am the youngest of ten children and we all still live here in Denver.  Holidays can be a bit crazy!
  11. How has CrossFit changed your life? Five years ago I donated a kidney to my sister who was born with only one kidney and it had failed on her.  I am very proud to be a living donor.   One critical element for my health for the rest of my life is to keep my blood pressure in check.  About six months ago I went in for a yearly check-up and my blood pressure was running about 20-30 points above normal.  My doctor told me I needed to do something about it right away.  I decided to try CrossFit on a recommendation of a friend from another box.  I am happy to say that after just 3 months my BP was back to normal and has been that way since.  I can’t thank Modig Fitness staff, and all of the great people I have met there, enough for making exercise something I look forward to again.

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