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Modig Fitness Member Profile – Dehryen Noriega


Modig Fitness Member Profile – Dehryen Noriega

Do you ever wonder what the people in other classes at Modig Fitness are like? Seriously, though, given that on an average day we have eight classes, it can be hard to get to know everyone! Thankfully we have our monthly newsletter, member events, speciality clinics and the option to attend a difference class time (gasp!) to get to know other people! Check out this guy, Dehryen (he’s the one on the right) and get to know him a bit better!

1 Where did you grow up? I grew up in Mooresville, NC but originally from Tampa,Fl

2 How long have you been CrossFitting? Roughly 2 years

3 What is your favorite WOD? My favorite WOD is murph 

4 What’s your favorite lift? My favorite lift is the squat clean for sure! 

5 What’s your least favorite CF move? I would say my least would be hallow-rocks :/

6 What do you think is the biggest myth about CrossFit? That CrossFit is bad for athletes in other sports

7 What’s your favorite non-CrossFit activity? I love to fly fish and go hiking with my family.

8 How have your nutritional habits changed since starting CrossFit? My fiancée and I started eating much healthier and I have seen better results!

9 What’s your nickname? Nori

10 What do you do for a living? Pharmaceutical sales representative 

11 What’s something about you that people don’t know? I previously had a family ranch in which we helped with kids with disabilities by using horses as therapeutic animals to help learn life lessons. 

12 How has CrossFit (and or Modig Fitness) impacted you? The family atmosphere has truly been a blessing and has made me want to show new visitors the same feeling.