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2012 Goals – Status (or Reality?) Check


2012 Goals – Status (or Reality?) Check

The weather has started to get cooler, signaling the approach of fall and winter. For many it’s their favorite time of year. Football games, holidays, skiing…hell yeah!  But it’s also the time of year when things can start to go downhill. Those extra five pounds can easily be hidden from public scrutiny under bulky Broncos sweatshirts or cozy sweaters. Inevitably, though, you’ll probably start to get down on yourself and even see your workouts take a beating. So don’t let it happen this year.

Keep your nutrition in check and find other ways to enjoy the football or holiday season that doesn’t involve a hit to your overall health. Remember that huge white board at the gym? The one where everyone was asked to write their personal goals for 2012? Goals that you should hold yourself accountable to achieving by the time December 31, 2012 rolls around? Well, what are you doing to accomplish those goals? Are you arriving early to class or staying late to work on those muscle ups? Did you buy a jump rope so that you could practice your double unders at home? Are you pushing yourself during skill work for a new back squat or hang clean max? The new year is 99 days away. Get working on it people!  Use those goals as a reminder not to let yourself get too soft during the holidays. And better yet, use those goals as motivation to set an even more challenging one for 2013!

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  1. Heather

    Hi Coach,

    I was on the waiting list for tomorrow. But, I will not make it. Thanks have a great weekend and see you on Wednesday. Make it good.