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To Whom It May Concern…


To Whom It May Concern…

The holidays. Who doesn’t love the holidays? Wait. Stop.  Forget I asked that. Plenty of you will raise your hand and wax on about your disdain for the holiday season and how it is such a waste of time and money. Unless of course a tray of deliciously decorated homemade cookies waft slowly past your nose. Then you turn into a regular old Christmas elf as you bound out of your office chair and grab just one, well maybe two (it is that holidays, after all), to munch on whilst you finish the year end budget. This post isn’t a diatribe of the atrocities of the holiday season, much less the temptation it creates to indulge (dare we say over indulge), but rather just a teensie tiny reminder of how to be smart. Best said by the talented Lisbeth Darsh in her article “Holiday Advice You Didn’t Ask For”, the following post might serve well to be your conscience over the next few weeks as the holiday excess kicks into full gear. Even for those of you that hate the holidays.

It’s December, which means the holiday eat-a-thon is well underway.

Chances are that you’ll be staring down a number of parties, gobs of food, and a gallon of liquor between now and New Year’s Day. Most people in America gain something outrageous like 8-10 pounds during the holidays. That’s nuts, right? Don’t be most people.

But that’s easy to say when the eggnog and the Christmas cookies aren’t eyeballing you. So, how to survive the holiday season and not be a cranky bitch on wheels?

Well, here’s your survival guide for these times. Feel free to write down what I’m about to say on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket.

Are you ready? Here it is: Don’t be stupid. Yup, that’s it. I could write all sorts of words and wax eloquently on this subject for 500 or 1000 words, or I could just use 3 words: Don’t be stupid.

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