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The Perfect New Year’s Post


The Perfect New Year’s Post

Should we ask? The dreaded question that everyone asks, yet most don’t want to answer? The “what is/are your New Year’s resolutions” question? We won’t ask (even though we know it’s on your mind). Instead we suggest reading Lisbeth Darsh’s article “GYST with Lisbeth Darsh” posted a few days ago on Steve’s Palenotes.  It’s absolutely perfect. Read. Enjoy. You’re welcome.


It’s time for the GYST messages. You know, the annual parade of Get Your Sh** Together (GYST) articles that appear around the coming new year. This one is like that … and not.


See, I know if you’re reading this article, that you already are thinking in terms of healthier living. You eat along Paleo lines, or Paleo-ish. You know that eating whole foods is better for your body, and you know that “whole foods” doesn’t mean you eat the WHOLE Pop-Tart, not just half. It means you try not to pollute your body with chemicals and additives and non-nutrition “foodstuffs.”

So, what gives here? Why do you need another GYST article?

Because you’re human like the rest of us.

Shocking, I know. In our heads, we’re always bigger than life, we’re infallible, and yet we’re brutal to ourselves when we fail. And we do fail. We fall off the wagon. We wander from the path. Sometimes, we just flat-out crash and burn. We wake up and look at the counter where that cranberry-raisin bread USED to be. The recycling bin clinks way too loudly with the empty beer bottles, and even the dog is getting chubby from all the delicious scraps of the holiday meals. And we try to convince ourselves that it’s “just the holidays”— that we’ll get back on the wagon, that we just need a little push.

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