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Summertime BBQ’s and Paleo – Healthy Tips


Summertime BBQ’s and Paleo – Healthy Tips

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting nicer and the smell of grilled burgers are in the air. Ahhhh….BBQ season…is there any better time of year?!  It’s also the time of year that paleo enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite dishes – grilled steak, grilled vegetables and fresh fruit – and not feel like as much of an outsider!  But…and you knew there was going to be a but…there will still be temptations. The nostalgia of the grill can also bring about the nostalgia of eating glutunous amounts of brownies, mayo-laden potato salad, hamburger buns or… GASP…Doritos! But you also don’t have to be that guy (or gal) and constantly be saying “no thanks, I can’t eat that” or “I’ll just to stick to eating another grilled chicken or hamburger pattie”…NO NO NO! There ARE options, people!

Below are a few tips on having a great time at your next BBQ and enjoying some delicious food…as well as links to a few summertime recipes.

1. Bring a side dish – a plate of delicious and fresh veggies, in season fruit, sweet potatoes you can throw on the grill (or make ahead of time), a paleo friendly dessert – bring something!  That way when everyone’s plate is piled high with all the goodies you want to stear clear of, you too can have a full plate.

2. Watch the alcohol – unless you are strict paleo and instead try to stick to the 80/20 rule (80% paleo/20% non), its nonetheless important to really watch your alcohol intake. Drink a glass of ice-water in between each alcoholic beverage or bring unsweetened/natural iced-tea and drop in a sprig of mint and a lemon…no one will be the wiser that its non-alcoholic.

3. Plan ahead – eat a healthy snack before you go to the BBQ, that way you won’t be starving and as tempted to indulge in non-paleo foods.

4. Get moving – when you’re finished eating, get up and play! Stepping away from the table will keep you from mindlessly munching and eating things you don’t want to. A game of horseshoes, Frisbee or bocce ball…a neighborhood WOD!

5. Bring a homemade paleo condiment – condiments are nearly as synonomous with BBQ’s as are the grill themselves.  Check out the link below for some recipes to your beloved ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce and a few others.

6. Allow yourself the opportunity to cheat – if you’re really craving cheese on that burger, then go ahead and do it.  Just pile the rest of your plate high with healthy veggies, nuts and fruit.

Happy grilling!

Recipe links: