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Repost: Time Management Reloaded


Repost: Time Management Reloaded

Timeliness is an effort, or a commitment, we strive to make in all aspects of life. Things occasionally happen – traffic jams in the middle of the afternoon, sick children, a late work meeting, whatever. They are exceptions, however, and not the norm. While we can’t claim to have written the following article, we can certainly appreciate its message and wanted to share it. Thanks to CrossFit Fremont for the following article, titled “Time Management Reloaded.”





Back on 11/4/2007, I wrote a post called “Time Management.” It was all about people being late to group sessions. Back in 2007, Crossfit was still in it’s fledgling stages and group sessions were pretty small. It wasn’t terrible when people were late. It was more rude than anything. In 2013 I updated a version and called it “Time Management Resurrected.”

Fast forward to 2014. Now I’m co-owner at a new gym. Most of you CrossFit of Fremont peeps are pretty good about being on time, but “Time Management” needs another sequel as a little reminder. “Time Management” is just like the Matrix!

I present:


It’s 2014 and CrossFit is off the hook. There are over 10,000 affiliates worldwide, and CrossFit shows no signs of slowing down. At CrossFit of Fremont, we have fairly good sized group training sessions. In 2007, participants showing up 10-12 minutes late for a group training session wasn’t a real big deal. In 2014, you being late for a group session is a pain in your trainer’s ass!

Group session times start at the same time they are scheduled EVERY DAY. Your trainer is ALWAYS there at the scheduled start time (except for those two sessions that Costa missed cuz he over slept…haha). Your trainer has one or more of the following: a full time job, school, a wife, a husband, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, kids, a commute, a hangover, etc. Somehow, your trainer always manages to show up on time so that you can get your workout groove on for an entire hour and get on with your life. (BTW- If any trainers are not showing up at the start time for your session, please let us know.)

We all live the vida loca. Sometimes things get a little hectic and you run a little behind. WE TOTALLY GET THAT!!! You may not be able to make it to the group session at the scheduled start time. You do your best to show up on time, but hey, SHIT HAPPENS! Up to 7 minutes or so past the scheduled start time is understandable and definitely acceptable if it isn’t a regular thing for you. Just show some sense of urgency when it happens!!! Get to the gym and RUN YOUR ASS OUT TO THE TRAINING FLOOR. You are late! Don’t walk in the door and nonchalantly stroll out to the floor and try and jump in the session without saying anything to anyone. That’s just rude! Run up to the trainer, apologize for being late and respectfully ask if it’s okay for you to jump into the current group session. I assure you, I would NEVER EVER be mad at someone for being late to my session if they were just respectful about it. BUT…..for sure I will still give that person a bunch of shit for at least 15-20 minutes just because that’s fun for me. HA!

Let’s state some ground rules right now. 10-15 minutes late won’t cut it. A trainer has a game plan as soon as the session starts. When it is a large session, a person strolling in 10-15 minutes late screws up the game plan. If you are going to be 10-15 minutes late, wait for the next session. 

Imagine this scenario: You drive to CrossFit of Fremont from your job, your school, or your home. It’s a 20 minute drive but you make it to your training session before the scheduled start time of 12 pm. When you pull up to the gym, the doors are locked. You sit in the parking lot and the trainer shows up at 12:10 pm. The trainer is on his cellphone when he drives into the parking lot. The trainer waves to all the people standing by the door and casually finishes his conversation before getting out of the car. The trainer walks up to the door and with a big smile says, “Sorry I’m late!” Then the trainer walks into the back room and takes his time changing his clothes before coming out to the training floor. To top it all off, this is the third time the trainer showed up late this week.

For you that situation is simple. If we ran CrossFit of Fremont like that, you would quit. You would not stand for such rude behavior from your trainer. Does that mean your trainer should stand for rude behavior from the folks he/she is training? Of course not.

Please make the effort to be on time for your training session. If you are going to be late, OWN IT!!! An apology and showing your trainer a little respect goes a long long way. Help keep your trainers sane!

End of rant.