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Nutrition Challenge Success!


Nutrition Challenge Success!

Tuesday February 18th was the final day of our most recent nutrition challenge. What an amazing success!  In addition to teaching healthy eating habits, this challenge also demonstrated that aesthetic changes aren’t the only benefits of eating clean. We began the challenge with a power output test – Row 500 Meters for time –  which everyone did again at the end of the challenge. The results spoke for themselves!  Make sure to ask any of the winners below, or others that participated, how much better they feel!  In total, 220 lbs of body fat was lost during the 30 day challenge! Even though the challenge is over, we are here to help you maintain a 90/10 balance going forward. Feel free to keep up on your food logs and we are available to provide input if needed.

Here is a breakdown of the winners:

Body Composition Winners:

Greg Spaight (Lost 18.8 lbs. Body Fat)

Brian Dessaur (Lost 18.5 lbs Body Fat)

Dana Morgan (Lost (8.2 lbs Body Fat)

Debi Bowman (Lost (9 lbs. Body Fat)

*Body comp winners lost a combined 54.5 lbs Body Fat but they all gained a new Ipad Mini!!! *

Power Output Winners:

Mark Ruiz absolustely crushed it!

Brian Dessauer doubled up here

Dana Morgan also doubled up on prizes

Ellen MacDonald lost 3 pounds and was able to increase her power at the same time.

*Power output winners got a crisp $100 bill! Not bad for four minutes of work huh?*

Liz Pang took home a copy of Paleo Comfort Foods for being the most dedicated nutrtion challenger. She worked her butt off without question or complaint the whole way!

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