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Modig Member Profile – Katie Craychee!


Modig Member Profile – Katie Craychee!

Please enjoy a little something about Katie Craychee, another of Modig Fitness’s awesome members!

Katie Craychee BlackHills_Climbing


1.       Where did you grow up?  Saint Charles, IL

2.       How long have you been CrossFitting? About 1 year

3.       What is your favorite WOD?  Grace – 30 clean and jerks

4.       What is your favorite lift?  Any type of clean

5.       What is your least favorite CF move? Kettle bell swings

6.       What do you think is the biggest myth about CrossFit?  That it’s too crazy to try…if I can do it, so can you!

7.       What is your favorite non CrossFit activity.  Hiking 14ers

8.       What is your favorite (paleo or non-paleo) food?  POTATOES (in any form)!

9.       What is something about you that most people don’t know?  My middle name is Evans

10.   What is your nickname?  Craych

11.   What do you do for a living?  HS Math Teacher

12.   How has CrossFit changed your life?  I never thought I would get as strong as I have.  It’s given me confidence in many different ways 🙂