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Modig Member Profile – Al Vincent


Modig Member Profile – Al Vincent

1. Where did you grow up? Council Bluffs, IA. I moved to Colorado in 1997.

2.  How long have you been CrossFitting? 3 years this month

3.   What is your favorite WOD?  Any that involve lifting heavy s–t!

4.   What is your favorite lift?  Clean and Jerk

5.    What is your least favorite CF move? Burpees, duh!!

6.    What do you think is the biggest myth about CrossFit? “You’ll get hurt!” I’ve had more injuries in a week playing basketball than I ever have in my 3 years CrossFitting. If you simply listen to your body and the outstanding coaches at Modig, you’ll have an injury free CrossFit experience.

7.   What is your favorite non CrossFit activity. Watching my son learn and grow!

8.    What is your favorite (paleo or non-paleo) food?  Fried eggs and bacon! 

9.    What is something about you that most people don’t know?  From birth through High School, I went by my middle name of Chris. However, due to an outstanding warrant for cow tipping in Iowa, I’ve gone by my given name of Al since moving to Colorado. 

10.   What is your nickname?  Vinny or A.C.

11.   What do you do for a living? I’m an Information Security Program Manager. In other words, I ensure bad guys don’t break into my company’s network and steal data.

12.   How has CrossFit changed your life?

Short version (“For kids who can’t read good”):

CrossFit and Crossfit Modig has had a tremendous impact on my life. Through CrossFit and the awesome coaches at Modig, I’ve become a significantly stronger person both physically and mentally. CrossFit has enabled me to break through many physical and mental barriers which has led to a much more confident, healthier, and significantly happier life.

Loooooong version (for those who like three-act sappy dramas):

CrossFit and Crossfit Modig has had a tremendous impact on both mine and my family’s life. Prior to CrossFit, my only exercise was a pick-up basketball or softball game once or twice a week. I played basketball because it was what I knew and it was fun. As for my eating, I couldn’t discern any difference between healthy and unhealthy foods at the time. Heck, I didn’t even know what “whole” foods were! Needless to say, I was very out of shape and my health was declining. I had elevated cholesterol levels and stage 1 (hypertension) high blood pressure.

Then one day three years ago this June, my friend and fellow Iowan Pat Ferdig mentioned this thing called CrossFit. Pat, fresh from successfully completing the P90X program, was eagerly seeking a new challenge and thought CrossFit would be the answer. He asked me to join him for an introductory class and I told him I would get back with him soon. After some quick searches on Google that evening, I quickly realized CrossFit was pretty intense and I was in no shape to be able to do these workouts. A week passed and Pat asked me about the intro workout again. I expressed my concerns and begrudgingly told him I’ll give it a try. A few days later we were in the “box” for the intro WOD. 

As most veteran CrossFitters know, the first workout is the most painful and ours was no different. It took us a week to recover from the pain but we were eagerly back at the box for the on-ramp classes which at that time consisted of just two 1-hour classes. After that, Pat and I were consistently attending classes 3 times per week and loving it (him more than me)! Since Pat is a beast, he always finished the WOD well ahead of me but he and the coaches would always cheer for me until I finished. They never let me quit even though I wanted to on many occasions. This no quit attitude is valued at Modig to this day.

In these 3 years, I lost weight, got stronger, got healthier, got happier, and met new friends. However, the best thing that happened was that I became a better husband and father. I’ve had a lot of success over this time and I look to continue it over many more years here at Modig Fitness! However, my success wasn’t a solo endeavor but rather a team effort. I would like to offer the following thank you notes (Jimmy Fallon Style): 

My wife Tamra: Thank you for being my rock and never complaining about how much time I spend at the gym!

My son Aiden: Thank you for telling me “you just need to get stronger then” after I tell him that one day he’ll be too big for me to give him nightly “daddyback” rides to bed! 

David Goodenberger: Thank you for starting and leading this outstanding community of lion-hearted, brave, and courageous Modiggers! Also, thank you for showing us all how any outfit can be color coordinated with cutoff sweatpants! What’s next, Jorts?   

Carrie Wikoff: Thank you for not accepting any of my excuses for why I can’t perform a certain move and promptly holding me after class for unsolicited remedial education!   

Annie Williams: Thank you for being the softest spoken coach in the gym; you balance the others very nicely!

Billie Hartgrove: Thank you for not getting mad when I may or may not have paused the clock a few times in order to finish just one more set!

Brandon Dinkel: Thank you for providing me with an endless supply of action photos/videos to post on my Facebook page!  

Corey Townsend: Thank you for challenging my wife each week and keeping her smokin’ hot!

Pat Ferdig: Although you started CrossFit looking for a new challenge for yourself, you unknowingly lit a fire within me to become a healthier and better person. For this, you are a true friend and I thank you!  

And with that, I now have the record for the longest member profile in Modig history! I win!