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Modig Gives Back


Modig Gives Back

Community. This is the word that people use to describe what they love about Modig Fitness. And quite frankly, it’s what we love about running a CrossFit gym. In addition to seeing lives changed by improving health and wellness, we want to take our love of community one step further. So earlier this month Modig Fitness launched its #ModigGivesBack campaign! We have a  strong desire to expand the wonderful community of Modig outside our gym and to give monetarily to local charities. Our goal is to select a new charity each month and each time someone “Checks-In” to Modig Fitness via FaceBook for a WOD (workout of the day) and tags #ModigGivesBack, as well as the charity, we will donate $.50. We are pleased to announce the charity for the month of October is the Wylder Nation Foundation. Here is a bit about this amazing organization and the family that launched it. #WylderNation

The Mission of the Wylder Nation Foundation is to improve the lives of children diagnosed with a Lysosomal Storage Disorder, and provide hope by accelerating the discovery and development of treatment options.


We encourage you to go to the website to learn more, but we wanted to include a note from the founders, Steven and Shannon Lafoon.


During the process of trying to save our son’s life from Niemann- Pick Disease Type A, a rare and fatal Lysosomal Storage Disorder, we were faced with many different challenges. The one challenge we were never able to overcome was finding a treatment option for such a rare and unknown disease in the short time we had.

In July 2012, our 3-year-old son Wylder’s time here on earth came to an end, but he left behind lessons of unconditional love and the power of hope. He also provided us with perspective on how to make a lasting impact on the world by paving the way to help others.

As part of a promise made to our WARRIOR, we formed the Wylder Nation Foundation. We are taking the lessons learned from his beautiful life and using them as a catalyst for positive change to provide hope in the form of treatment options for other children fighting for their lives.

We invite you to join us in living like a WARRIOR by fighting the fight, standing strong, loving unconditionally, and contributing to this important cause. Together we will succeed in the fight against Lysosomal Storage Disorders.

With Hope Always,
Steven & Shannon Laffoon