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Hit the Breaks or the Gas – what’s it gonna be?


Hit the Breaks or the Gas – what’s it gonna be?

Read a blog post recently from Black Box Fort Worth about the ‘negative feedback loop’ and it really hit home. To paraphrase, the negative feedback loop occurs when you’re not exercising or eating as well as you’d like, but you can’t seem to pull yourself out of it. Your energy level is down due to lack of exercise and to the fact that you start making poor decisions when it comes to food.  We’ve all been there, right? The toughest part is breaking the cycle.

There’s no easy solution other than reminding yourself of how good it feels to eat well and exercise consistently and starting making better choices. When you’re driving home from work are you gonna hit the brakes and come in for a workout at Modig or are you gonna to step on the gas and cruise on by? Same thing applies to eating. Stop at the grocery store and pick up the ingredients to make a healthy, fresh meal instead of the alternative. If you’re feeling in a rut with your food choices, check out the plethora of paleocentric websites and their recipes. We have some great recipes on our website, but there are thousands more to help spice up your meals. Below are a link to just a few of those sites.


It seems so simple, but all it takes is one good choice to get out of the negative feedback loop. And I’ll take this a step further in saying that if its not you that its the loop, but a good friend or family member, help them make their next good choice.  That one good choice will help your energy come back, your strength and, without questio,n you’ll get out of that negative loop. Its all about whether you’re going to hit the brakes or hit the gas…see you at the box.

Thanks to Black Box Forth Worth for their inspiration on this post…