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Good CrossFit Programming


Good CrossFit Programming


In CrossFit we talk about functional movements, as in moves we perform in our every day lives without even realizing. A mother picking up her child and a CrossFitter squatting are using the same basic movement. So why not focus most of our efforts on those core movements, rather than make things complicated? Of course we want everyone to learn how to do double unders and perhaps a rope climb, but what we have learned is that emphasis on greater cardiovascular conditioning or the simple pull up are more effective in achieving those goals.

Efficient and effective programming has always been central to  Modig Fitness. While it has evolved over the years, there is one thing that we have always believed: good programming does not need to be complex. As many of you that have been around for some time have noticed, when we adopted the OutLaw Way methodology, it was no surprise that many experienced PR’s on their Clean n Jerk, Snatch and, of course, the Back Squat and Front Squat. It’s simple really. When you focus on some of the more basic, but core movements, it can benefit you in a multitude of ways. The article below, written by Jon Gilson of the AF Project addresses this very concept.


Good programming is simple programming. 

Difficulty in execution is not a measure of effectiveness. Rather, it is a measure of difficulty. Don’t conflate the two.

Most of your athletes don’t need to squat snatch on a daily basis; they need to squat. They don’t need to rope climb; they need to do pullups. They don’t need double unders; they need to sprint.

Pick the big exercises, the simple movements, ones that move the athlete’s center of gravity a long way using low coordination movement patterns. Layer on high coordination movements as a supplement, an expression of power best suited to those who already exhibit virtuosity as the basics, those you consider advanced, those who plan to compete.

Further, most of your athletes don’t need to work out for a half hour. They need to bust their ass for five to ten minutes. They need anaerobic training.

Take the big exercises, and combine them in couplets and triplets, and keep your rep schemes to a level that allows your clients to keep going.

Short. Simple. Hard, not difficult. This is the foundation of fitness. Everything else is just gravy.

Jon Gilson is the Founder of The AF Project. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.