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* Modig Fitness Nutrition Challenge Winners – Click Here!*


* Modig Fitness Nutrition Challenge Winners – Click Here!*

Congratulations to the amazing participation and success of everyone that joined in Modig Fitness’s “30 Day Eat Clean Challenge!” We promised to have winners in both a male and female category…and we also decided to present 1st AND 2nd place winners in both categories!  1st place winners will get $200 in cash and 2nd place winners will get $100. Congratulations!

 In total all of the participants (40 people) lost 112.35LBS of body fat – holy crap!!!  Nice work!!!

Here are the winners!

Male Category:                                                                    Female Category:

1st Place: Al Vincent                                                         1st Place: Erica Hastert

2nd Place: Michael Farnham                                          2nd Place: Janelle McMillan

Great work everyone! Remember that although the challenge is over stick to an 80/20 mix of paleo/non paleo. Your body will reap the best benefits through consistency.