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Modig Fitness Member Profile – Robert Watt


Modig Fitness Member Profile – Robert Watt

Please enjoy learning about one of CrossFit’s biggest fans, Robert Watt!


  1. Where did you grow up?
    1. La Jolla, CA as a Sand and Surf kid. Pretty damn lucky. Planning on returning relatively soon. Could be a new Box by the Beach for you to try in your future.
  2. How long have you been Cross-Fitting?
    1. Not long enough it seems. Too bad it’s relatively new. I started Sept. 2012, the day I was eligible to retire from my “other” work.
  3. What is your favorite WOD?
    1. Any I can actually Rx. That means those w/o Pull-ups, Toes-to-bar and lots of running. But it used to include a lot more…
  4. What’s your favorite lift?
    1. Due to bicycling to school every day through High School (uphill, both ways), it’s Squats
  5. What’s your least favorite CF move?
    1. Other than Burpees, of course, likely Pull-ups. We’re not even going to consider Muscle-ups as a “move” for me yet.
  6. What do you think is the biggest myth about CrossFit?
    1. That it’s only for the Young, Thin and already Fit…plus it’s “really hard and basically dangerous.”
  7. What’s your favorite non-CrossFit activity?
    1. Other than enjoying life better now that I’m more fit? Well, basically everything is better, right? Biking, skiing, travelling, seeing my grown (and gone!) kids and volunteering at various places in Denver to Pay it Forward.
  8. What’s your nickname?
    1. Well, there are a few…Secret Agent Man (see below), Gorilla and a few more we won’t go into here…
  9. What do you do for a living?
    1.  Work at Lockheed Martin Space Systems on the Orion Multipurpose (Space) Crew Vehicle, but previously also with the CIA (hence the nickname) and other Defense agencies you’ve heard of…and some you haven’t, all starting in good ‘ole 1974.
  10. How has CrossFit changed your life? 
    1. Ah, there’s where the rubber (bumpers) meet the road, isn’t it? It has had such a great impact in all the right ways: better health primarily, meaning less weight, more strength, more endurance, less of any kind of problems at all (not counting the occasional aches, hand callouses, and soreness…but not much of those anymore). This all translates directly into what? Longer, better life. When you’re young, that likely isn’t a consideration of why you do CrossFit. But when you have perspective on 2/3 of Life already, it is huge, believe me.