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Modig Fitness 24/7 Challenge


Modig Fitness 24/7 Challenge

The CrossFit Open is over; its time now for a new challenge. Since one of our goals at Modig is to accommodate everyone on their path of optimal health and wellness, we have decided that our upcoming nutritional challenge will be a bit different then the ones before. This time you will have two options to choose from. In addition, there will be a points system (described below) that balances the need for both the nutritional and physical components.

Here is an overview of the “Modig Fitness 24/7 Challenge.” To determine which option works best for you, there will be additional details available at the gym. The team element of this competition, combined with the buy in is designed to really motivate everyone to be held accountable and to drive their team to success.

24/7 Challenge – 24 days. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Begins May 14th and ends June 6th.

Pick a Team (better team names are welcome!)

Team Paleo

* Eat clean. Eat paleo. That means no dairy, no sugar, no grains and no alcohol.  If you’re not famliar or need some guidance, let us know and we will provide you additional details and a packet of information. Buy in is $80. 

Team Advocare

* Follow the 24 day Advocare program that utilizes Advocare nutritional products to jump start weight loss, tone and build muscle. There is a comprehensive packet that details the program and a box at the gym with the supplements to help determine if this is the right option for you. Buy in is $180 and includes the cost of the supplements.

This competition is based on a points system. On Monday May 13th each contestant will have their weight and body fat measured. At the end of the challenge you will receive 1 point for each percentage of body fat lost.

For each of the following you can earn 1 point per day:

1. Tracking your meals and fluids

2. Completing WODs

3. 7 day day check-in. This entails meeting with Corey or David to verify points and review food logs (this is mandatory to win the challenge.

For each of the following you will be deducted 3 points per day:

1. Failure to track meals and fluids

2. No shows for WODs or personal training appointments

3. Paleo team contestants will receive deductions for consumption of non paleo items (grain, alcohol, dairy, etc.)

4. Advocare team contestants will receive deductions for failing to track/take challenge supplements.

At the end of the challenge each team’s points will be added up and divided based on the average number of participants. The winning team will be awarded a Modig Fitness “Adventure!”  Hmm….wonder what that could be? In addition, the overall winner will be given awesome surprises too!

Besides inches, what do you have to lose?

Are you up for the challenge?