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Coach’s Perspective


Coach’s Perspective

One of the great aspects of CrossFit is that because each day and each workout is unique, you frequently have the opportunity to learn something new when you walk through the doors. Some of it takes constant reminders before it sinks in and others seem to click right away. If you travel and have ever done a WOD at another box, you’ve probably picked up a couple new tips along the way.  I was asked recently what the ‘Top 10’ things are that I would like to impart on our members or anyone that drops in for a WOD.  So here is my list…hopefully some (or ALL!) will resonate with each of you.

1. Keep a log of your workouts and your lifts – the only way to improve is to know where you’ve been.

2.  Form should always come first. Do it right before you do it heavy.

3. Commit to a program – whatever your goal, remember that it doesn’t happen overnight and requires you to stay the course.

4. Extravagant or fancy programming is not always smart programming.

5. Rest – as in REST! You should completely rest 1 – 2 days a weeks – this means NO WORKOUTS!

6. Mobility ( should be on your ‘Favorites’ list. No one realizes how integral mobilizing is until they tweak something or seriously injure themselves. Our bodies require maintenance. Take care of it.

7. Hook grip every Snatch and Clean n’ Jerk. If you aren’t doing it, let us know and we can help you figure it out.

8. Invest in lifting shoes – Runners wear running shoes, golfers wear golf shoes, ballerinas where ballet shoes…get the point? And no, you don’t have to be a competitive lifter to need lifting shoes. Ask anyone that wears them and they will tell you it has significantly helped their lifting ability.

9. Squat.

10. Ask your Coach questions. Their answers should have reasoning and basis.

11. Oops…guess it should be a Top 11. Your ego will ruin your progress if you let it.

– David