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Modig Fitness – CrossFit

For the strength component, rank each exercise as a 1,2,3

1: The weight/reps were extremely difficult, or I couldn’t complete them all
2: The weight/reps were challenging, but I would only have been able to do 1-3 more reps/set
3: The weight/reps were not difficult, and I could have done 4+ more reps/set


A1: DB Bench (4x 6-10 3:1:x:1)

6-10 @ 93% of 8RM. 3 seconds down, 1 second pause, up fast, 1 second at the top.

If you can’t get an exact weight, round up

A2: Ring Rows (4x max reps. x:2:2:1)

pull, 2 second pause at the top, down, for 2 seconds, 1 second at the bottom

5 consecutive rep min, 16 consec. reps max

B1: Bent Over Row (4x 6-10 x:2:2:1)

6-10 @ 93% of RM. pull, 2 seconds at the top, 2 seconds down, 1 second at the bottom

If you can’t get an exact weight, round up

B2: Plank Hold (4x :45)

Timed Plank Hold. No Sag.
Straight arms. Goal is exactly :45. Add weight/perform on low rings as necessary


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

4 Rounds

:30 Max Pushups

:30 Rest

:30 Max Double Unders

:30 Rest

:30 Max KBS, AHAP

:30 Rest