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There are several options available today. I would recommend picking 1-2 and sticking with them for the next few weeks. Regardless of which you choose, you should perform them in order of how they are written. You’ll have the choice of snatch/clean skill work, odd-object/core strength, or more traditional structure work


Muscle Snatch + OHS + Snatch Balance ((3+3+3)x5, up to a moderate weight)

3 muscle Snatch + 3 OHS + 3 Snatch balance

Clean Pull + Tall Clean ((3+1)x5, up to a moderate weight)

a tall clean is performed from the standing position and then dropping into the catch


A: Metcon (4 Rounds for weight)

4 Rounds, for weight

30m Farmer Carry + 10 DL with that weight

rest :30-:45

20m Front Rack Carry + 5 Front Squats with that weight

rest :30-:45

10m OH Carry

rest 2:00

B: L-Sit (6x 0:10)

:10 in the most difficult option available to you


Metcon (Weight)

3 Rounds

12-15 Bicep Curls, any way

:30 dead hang after each round
same weight each round

B: Metcon (Weight)

3 Rounds

12-15 DB Upright Rows

rest :45

12-15 Lateral DB Flyes

rest :45

12-15 Bent-over DB Face Pulls
Use an appropriate weight for each movement individually