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Setting some more baselines here now that the Open is over. Looking at ring muscle-ups and ~40:00 aerobic effort. While boring at times, aerobic efforts, along with single modalities like RMU or barbell RMs, are the most accurate and predictive indicators of health and fitness while offering a host of other benefits as well

PA: Ring Muscle-Up (3:00 max reps)

Muscle-ups are over after 3 misses, for any reason

F1A: Pull-ups (1 Attempt at max reps)

Rest 2:00 before F2A

F2A: Ring Dips (1 Attempt at max reps)

B: 10k Row (Time)

Max Effort 10k Row
Fun fact: Long distance rowing and running (5000m+) are the 2 most frequently tested benchmarks on