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Changing movements this week to narrow our skills and strength to a more specific focus on the Muscle Up. As a skill, focusing on quality movement and skill development will take you further with developing a RMU than just checking boxes of getting work done.
Rowing will continue and start to shift to more of a threshold development bias.


A1: Ring Swings (10×10)

Work on build a dynamic ring kip while maintaining controlled hollow/arch positions
Superset with A2

A2: Muscle Up Negative (10×1)

Beginning at the ring support position on high rings, SLOWLY lower yourself down to a deadhang. Keep elbows close and spend as much time as possible at the transition

B1: False Grip Chest to Ring Pullups (4x 4-8)

Pause with chest touching the rings for :02 each rep

B2: Strict Ring Dips (4x 4-8)

Pause at the top and bottom for :02 each rep


Metcon (6 Rounds for time)

6 Rounds

200m @ :03-:05 slower/500m than average 3k pace

100m @ average 3k pace

200m @ :03-:05 faster/500m than average 3k pace

100m @ average 3k pace

rest 1:00 b/t rounds
Focus on hitting your splits. The more precise you are, the more you’ll get from this