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Modig Fitness – CrossFit

For the next few weeks, Thursdays will be focused on Muscle Up progressions… and continuing to work on developing a robust aerobic base of fitness


A1: Front Lever Tuck Negative (5×1)

Beginning from an inverted position on the rings, slowly lower yourself with straight arms back to a dead hang
Pause for :03 with spine parallel to the floor

Move steadily from A1, A2, A3, and rest 1:30-2:00 b/t sets

A2: Toenail Spot Muscle-Up Transition (5×1)

Beginning from a kneeling position, slowly pull yourself through the transition of a MU into the bottom position of a dip

A3: Ring Support (5×1)

Support your bodyweight on a pair of rings
Hold :05 at the top, :05 negative, :05 at the bottom position, and press up


3k Row (Time)

Row 3,000m for time